‘I should not have come to India,’ says Ponting

Australian captain Ricky Ponting has said that he should have avoided the team’s tour to India in October and November this year and given himself some more time to recover from his wrist surgery.


“Probably right at the time, with the break that I had after the West Indies and leading into the Indian series, and the Indian series being as big as it was, I was probably not forced, but I wanted to come back and resume playing as soon as I possibly could,” Ponting said.


“It would have been nice to have another couple of months off, but I wasn’t afforded that luxury,” Fox Sports quoted him, as saying.


“I will keep working on it, I will keep icing it, I will keep doing the treatment I need to do over the next little period and hopefully by the end of the summer it’s not around any more,” he said.


Ponting had X-rays on his sore right wrist when he visited surgeon Greg Hoy in Melbourne on Thursday. Though he has been cleared to play the Test series against South Africa this month, the long-term prognosis remains unclear.


“Hopefully I am not feeling discomfort right through the rest of my career. At the moment it’s an inflammatory injury,” Ponting said, adding that the wrist particularly hurt when driving the ball.


Publicly, Ponting and team management insist the injury is of no major concern. But team fitness and medical staff are discouraged from publicly acknowledging injuries.


Privately, the injury looms above all other concerns to Ponting, who is the anchor of the Australian XI.


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