India Vs Australia – Border Gavaskar Trophy – India Wins Series – Spinners inspire India to 2-0 win

India Wins Border-Gavaskar Trophy by winning the final match in Nagpur by 173 Runs.

Final Ball: Harbhajan Singh to Johnson, OUT, And the doosra does the trick. Game over. India have won the Border Gavaskar Trophy. Fabulous win. Johnson didn’t pick it up, shouldered arms and the ball turned in to hit him on the pad. Hawk eye suggests it would have missed the off stump. The Indian players converge to celebrate in a huddle of joy. Dravid puts his hand over Ganguly’s shoulder.

Dhoni pumps his fist and signals to the dressing room. Stumps have been uprooted for souvenirs. Harbhajan wants to lift Ganguly, Laxman joins in and the two lift him up in the air. Indian flags are waving out there. The Indians shake the hands of the Aussies. Kumble is there too, hugging every Indian player as he walks up the stairs. And now shakes Dhoni’s hand and hugs him.


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